Purchasing Process from YATTLLYATTLL is a matchless company that deals with many products. Among them is an electric wheelchair. YATTLL location is in Dongguan, China. Also, we have other branches in Japan and Shenzhen, China. Our mission is to satisfy customers’ needs. Therefore, we strive to meet or exceed clients’ expectations. We are experts because they have operated for more than 15 years. You can expect quality products from an incredible company. I will take you through the purchasing process. This will make your work easier when you need to buy their products. now, ollow these steps:

  • Take place order
  • Record Order Demand
  • Sign a contract
  • 30% Deposit
  • Raw Material Processing
  • Determine the Production Sample
  • Assembly
  • Quality Control
  • Packing
  • Delivery and payment clearance
  • After-Sales Services

Take place order

To begin with, you have to order the power wheelchair. This will depend on the quantity. The company can supply the amount that you need. It is vital to place an order. This way, we will know your needs and how to customize it. Additionally, you will ascertain the prices.

Record Order Demand

Then, our sales representative will put down the order details. This is done both on paper and electronically. The purchasing process is essential to get the correct order. We have many clients all over the world. It is important to record so that orders don’t mix up.

Sign a contract

You then have to sign a contract. It will show that you’ve agreed to do business with YATTLL. Also, that you have agreed to the purchase terms. The contract mitigates all payment and quality risks. It is a basis of trust between the supplier and the buyer.

30% Deposit

As a buyer, you have to deposit 30% of the total price. We will use the money as labor cost. It also indicates that you are serious about the purchase. YATTLL has friendly payment terms. This is because the initial deposit is low.

Raw Material Processing

After payment, the real work begins. Many parts of the electric wheelchair is made from scratch. It will be custom-made according to your needs. It involves raw material cutting, steel pipe bending, punching, radial drilling, and so on. The procedures will make all the various parts durable. Also, the raw material is cast to make it last longer.

Determine the Production Sample

YATTLL will then determine the sample. This will ascertain whether the parts will fit. We will also decide if the design is ideal. This is as per the processed materials. Here, the sample should match what you ordered. It is a projection of whether the wheelchair will be perfect.


After sample confirmed, next step is assembles the power wheelchair. All the parts are fit together to get a complete product. They include the armrests, wheels, legrests and the upholstery. In short, all that makes it up is organized. If there is any discrepancy, it is corrected at this stage. The parts are screwed to get a stable machine. Standard adhesives are also used to stick into some parts.

Quality Control

YATTLL ensures that the electric wheelchair is standard. You shouldn’t worry because we have quality assurance certificates. We are ISO-certified which shows we are authentic. The product is, therefore, inspected to make sure that it meets quality standards.


The YATTLL then packages the power wheelchair. The packaging material is thick enough. This is to ensure that it arrives in one piece. To top it up, the product will have no scratches. YATTLL sells the wheelchair with world-class quality materials. This way, when you receive it, all the parts will be intact.

Delivery and payment clearance

Before delivery, you have to deposit the rest of the payment. This will then release your wheelchair. Delivery will depend on your location. If you don’t have your own freight forwarding, we would like to recommend you some safety and economic logistics for your choices. During the delivery, we will provide timely logistics tracking information.

After-Sales Services

As an esteemed customer, you will be treated to after-sales service. You can contact the company if you have any issues. You will get instant comprehensive assistance. Moreover, the organization will be there if the wheelchair malfunctions. If you need more products, they will be available. You can raise any concerns with YATTLL. We are your trusted partner as long as you want.I hope I managed to describe the purchasing process clearly. You can make a sound decision when you require the goods. You also have an idea about the payment and the contract. The electric wheelchair will be of the highest caliber. If you are anywhere around the globe, place an order. You will receive all your products on the agreed date. What are you waiting for? Order the wheelchair and get the efficient services.

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