Founded in 2003, Yalu Industry Co. is a parent company of the YATTLL Industry Co. and Ceiya Technology Co. Yalu Industry Co. has been a leader in metal stamping, die casting and deep drawing for over 15 years. Quality and service at a reasonable price are true hallmarks of the company. This is not just by accident; it has been a long-term policy of the company.


  • Precision metal progressive stamping (especially deep drawing) and tools
  • Transfer press
  • Precision metal machining
  • Cold forging
  • Zinc alloy. Magnesium alloy and aluminum die casting
  • Assembly for precision parts


Cables, eyewear, camera, medical, automotive, electronics, military, computer, home domestric, power, kitchen accessories, telecommunication, LED lighting, etc.

  • R&D Team·
  • More than 15 top designers with great continuous ideas, our faith is to bring Innovative products to our customer.·
  • Flexible MOQ·
  • More than 100 talented & experienced workers stand behind each of your orders. Your will get shorter lead time compare to any other suppliers.·
  • Quality Control·
  • 100% Inspection·
  • ISO9001, TS16949, CE, European free sales Certificate approved
A Certified Quality
YATTLL Products Are Designed And Manufactured To The Highest International Standards: